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July 24 2011

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December 23 2010

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Photo Caption:Christmas tree sitting happily at our veranda

Christmas is peeking at me

I haven't blogged for almost a month. Welcome me back.

From where I am from Christmas is not associated with snow and freezing weather. No I am not from Australia (and apparently, the snow already fell in that continent, weirdly...). I am from Southeast Asia and in this part of the world there is no snow and it will not snow. 

Back to me now.

Honestly, I am not feeling the aura of Christmas this year for some unknown reason and I am not sure how to react about that. You just have to go with the flow... Maybe that vibe will make its way to me somehow but for now I will just go with the flow. Hey, everybody is about to have a great blast and I want to be part of it. So I am officially turning Happy Mode ON. 

Let's all shake up Christmas this year. Shake Up Happiness. (from the latest Coke ad)

That's all I can think of as of this moment.

So let me conclude with this:

People have a Good Happy Merry Christmas!

November 28 2010

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Kwentong Yogurt

Una sa lahat: Hindi ako kumakain ng Yogurt! 
Nacurious lang talaga ako sa kasalukayang pagkawili ng mga tao sa frozen yogurt kaya ko siya naisipang subukan and the first (with the frozen one) attempt (yun yung may peaches sa extreme left) hindi ko siya nagustuhan. Napakaasim niya at the worst was i combined peaches with it. Peaches + Yougurt = not a good idea.

At for the sake of giving a lot of chances to things, sinubukan ko yung other flavor nila ate yogurt yesterday. Surprisingly, hindi maasim si strawberry yogurt. (yun yung medyo kwento ng sumunod na three pictures)

Yup! naubos ko si strawberry yogurt with (nakalimutan) unknown topping.... hahaha!

Now I can say na: kumakain na ako ng yogurt! Yung Frozen Strawberry flavor nga lang!

=> at least may kinakain na akong hindi ko talaga kinakain dati... hahahahaha! 


Why Sunday Mornings and TV shows do not go together

If you happen to open your TV now you have probably seen this: 
Two men half naked with gloves punching each other nonstop (until someone quits or until the referee says so) in a ring. Okay, change channel!

I don't get it why people wants to see other people get hurt and call it a sport. What is so fun seeing people punch each other to death (with the possibility of getting contusions, head injuries, brain hemorrhage and worse, brain damage)? Is the world turning into a masochist? No offense to the national fist and to being patriotic/ nationalistic but really i do not get it.

Staring into the television (it just popped: one of my professors back in high school called the television "the idiot box") is not my favorite thing to do nowadays because (1) it is difficult to operate, we lost the remote (2) no cable tv = local channels only (3) the producers, script writers and the whole production crew is seemingly running out of ideas to produce new and something worthwhile to burn my time for show. It is like OPM, it will soon die because of lack of originality.


It just died a natural death. C'mon, accept it. The more we deny it, the worst it will become, we might not save it. Then we call other people unpatriotic and non-nationalistic because they are supporting other stuff that they do not even get to understand without subtitles. Before calling them labels let's review the facts (a) how many times do we need to revive songs that all in the first place are all revivals? (b) why do we always have to sing songs on the highest notes as possible? (sometimes, IT IS irritating) (c) Charice is already there, we know. (d) this is not unpatriotic, this is reality and please wake up. Do something new and support the people who are trying their best to create something new, do not bash them. They are saving it. No, revival tracks is not an option.

On Television Shows

Please save the TV. Where did the substantial talk shows and entertaining noontime shows went?! I only know one noontime show that is worth watching and No, stop reviving the man who bash another man and went on another channel and got suspended for the nth time and blah and blah and blah. I am not a fan of showbiz gossip news. Dramas are now copying the VD stuff and the vampire-wolf plot and it is not helping.

We are on the edge of lacking shows that are worth watching for. Shows that are entertaining and that do not depict people offending other people. When we wonder where the Filipino values went why can't won't we try to evaluate the things that our own local media is trying to produce and make us watch? They can influence every inch of a person. 

When we watch why don't we criticize? It is not enough that they can make you laugh sometimes entertainment and laughter is not at all equal. I am not trying to say that they should be educational and stuff but try to evaluate and re-evaluate. We shout human rights on streets but we are violating them on TV. How ironic.

We always do the talk but never act.

On the other side of the fence

I am blogging again!

I thought that I might as well type everything that comes. It may actually ease my headache. Information overload and the frustration of writing something will not help you study and memorize stuff that you need to study and memorize.

=> This is freedom to think and the freedom of speech. 

October 31 2010


Haven't Blogged For a Week...

I am quite busy as of this moment. 
And I think I am relocating this blog...

October 23 2010


How 'is' I?

- I am on an internship sem break. Please understand and cooperate. Thank you for your cooperation and sorry for the inconvenience. =D


It Has Been One Year

A year ago - I was in a bus heading home hoping to see faces I haven't seen in a while, talk to those people whom I haven't talk to for some time and laugh with those smiles I haven't seen or drawn for an entire semester. Those things, well some of them, never happened.

I arrived an hour before afternoon. The mood was not too soothing it was quite intense to be comfortable with. My sibling was having her celebration that day, I was expecting a load of people trying to fit themselves in our little house. Those people never existed and that house was quite empty. I knew something came up as the house across the road was not feeling warm, it was cold and the coldness confused me. I had to run down the list of people who are living in that house and evaluate the problems they might have encountered. I cannot think of anything. I was disoriented. 

As I entered the quite empty house, I tried to ask. I got answers I cannot comprehend. Someone was rushed to the hospital blah blah blah. The name was overshadowed in my brain. blah blah blah, the blahs continued for a good five minutes. Then my brain decided that I have to hear and understand the name. The name stunned me and I found my self about to seat at the dinning area. I texted some friends, i want them to answer my freaking impossible answer.

The phone rang.

My mom's voice was about to crack. She put the phone down. She hang up for a second. She dialed my father's office number. He answered. As my mother's voice was about to crack again, my cousin arrived. He was crying, it was the first time I saw him cry, and he was screaming, "wala na si kuya, wala na si kuya ko!" he continued crying.

I still cannot understand what on Earth is happening. My brain decided to check reality. It hurts, therefore, i am awake and this is not a dream. It came to a conclusion. Damn kath! You just lost someone. 

I ran to my empty bedroom. The tears just came and the pain just became intense and the whole picture became clear, the story had organized itself. 

That was the only time that I realized that: Life is this short '.' . What The Hell!

90's - the year of cable TV explosion. It is when i got to be introduced with Tom and Jerry and the time when I learned how to cross the street. We live  with my greatgrandmother in an ancestral house. Across the street is my greatgrandmother's first son's house (my grandmother's sibling, therefore, by bloodline he is one of my grandfathers), and that house is the only house that got cable TV. I have to cross the street. 

Crossing that street is a great way to spend your summer vacations. I got to be updated with cartoons and i got to play with an elder cousin (Kuya) and his sister who is about my age. They were my playmates on summers and i spend every summer vacations of my life crossing the street. Christmas was just like the same except that they are the ones who go to the house since the oldest family member is living in that house on the other side  of the street (the house where we live) and every Christmas was spent like that.

We all grew up. Growing up changed some things but some stayed the same. We never played anymore we now spend every boring times talking, talking and laughing. a couple of Christmas, some summers and a semestral break was spent like that. Talking never lasted long. Who would have thought talking would be shorter that playing?! and growing up has to be stopped for a while to make us all think?

"We have to loose something to know that it exist."

That statement above is pushing itself to the ends at this point. 

We do not have to be reminded that he exist. He is an important person. we all know that but then he had to be taken. Why?

That was the thing that I have thought the whole time I was crying in that empty room. 

All of those things, excluding the flashback, happened for just 30 minutes. That 30 minutes is one of the things that i do not want to have a rewind in my entire existence. 

The following days were not better. You open your eyes in the middle of the night and you have to be reminded that he is gone. Mornings are spent thinking why did he have to go. Then water works are to be repeated over and over again until the pain hurts you and you realize that you have to and sometimes you just cannot stop from crying. 

The whole process was exhausting and lonesome and it feels so empty.

It is really hard to part from someone that you have been attached to since you were seven. You expect them to stay, stay until you are all old and have coffee and talk some more, until all you can do is just sit and rewind all those good old days. Those things may not happen to me anymore. It is sad.

If there is one thing that I have learned from this lost. It is that Life is really short. You cannot predict when the world or your world or his and her or your life would end. Endings are full of mystery to be comprehended and endings = gone, poof!, fin.

For me his life was well spent. He had a lot of friends, he loves his family so much and he loves God to the point that his life ended while serving Him (he is an altar servant) and I cannot think of a time that he made me cry. He was such a good person.

Maybe he had already found his purpose and he already had fulfilled it or maybe he has just to go. Whichever way it is, he is worth remembering.

Until this day that thirty minutes sometimes takes me back and have rewinds but whenever that happens, I only think of one thing: I have to live this Life somewhat like his but I have to do it my way.

This world just plainly sucks on times you are required to be there. 

We all miss you.

Thank you.


*It has been a year huh? 
It only feels like yesterday I am buying ketchup and the next thing I knew, you were gone...
What a Life!

October 09 2010


I have figured out something/s that might save me from boredom this sem break

= Books and Manga and my rainbow colored journal!!! =D
Play fullscreen
this puts me to sleep... 
therefore, it is good!

October 08 2010


What I Have Written: What is Happiness?

 The One Page Happiness

Happiness is such a big word that you cannot contain it in a single sentence nor it can be fitted on a single page. I have been thinking all about this for the entire week. So after a week of stress and one lost paper, now, at 2:32 am of a Friday morning, my mind is flipped and grilled, and the word remained indescribable. Brilliant. Out of confusion and despair I turned to a website where they let people define happiness. They got a variety of passively normal to out-of-this-world answers. It just got me really dizzy but the consolation was I realized that the whole idea is just plain crazy and I laughed. Finding me laughing and smiling these past few days is quite hard to catch. I have to thank that site. Maybe that is happiness. 

I think of happiness as just plainly knowing that you had been alive and that you are still existing and knowing that other things exist, they are alive and they have been existing with you. You breathe the same air to be alive and you share some common memories because maybe in this lifetime you have crossed paths once. I am alive in a sense that I am annoyed when I hear me ever-so-noisy alarm clock put its irritable sound to wake me up in the morning. I exist in a way that other people regard me as who I am and they do not dismiss me no matter how weird I can get. We might be living in a very complicated and unkind world full of negative ideas and people. But sometimes that negativity is the thing that makes this whole life exciting and happy. Without the absence of something, you will never know that it exists. This whole roller-coaster-like life is full of happiness you just have to realize it and never dismiss it. Sometimes, bitterness just have to go on its way alone, without you chasing it.

We are made to be alive and not to contain ourselves in a box. Happiness is living one with the world and feel contented and doubtless about it. Life seems endless but it will end. So until then, let’s all continue chasing Happiness.

*For me, this paper is quite challenging. We are required to fit Happiness in one page. But after i have finished writing this paper, i have realized that my professor was right, you do not have to over think and over write things about happiness. Happiness is simple and just like Life, we are the only one who made it seem complicated and impossible.

Be Awesome!

October 03 2010


Good Mornings

I think I am weird every time i say Good Morning on Facebook.  

I May Never Wake Up

Are you afraid of dying?
After reading Finding Alaska? Hindi na ako takot mamatay. I realized that being dead is not a punishment.

Ang post na ito ay hindi ko na hahabaan. If you want to read the book. Go lang. 


September 30 2010

what on earth is Happiness???!!!

September 20 2010


We will always be their kids

I am amazed by the fact the our parents call us "yung mga bata" everytime they talk about us regardless if you are already 19 or even 40 plus in that matter. My lola even call her band of 7 the same phrase whenever someone over the phone reminds or asks her of her children. 

It is already given that we came from them and that makes them our parents and they sustained us to grow. They made us go to school and sometimes attend extra whatever classes even though we really do not want to go just because it is summer and we all want to play outside. They set the house rules and curfew time and ground us if we have failed to follow. (trivia: i have never been grounded, ever! does that make me a good child? nahhh... i don't think so..). They make all the house decisions on having cable TV, having a party and most importantly installing an internet access. But I think the most beneficial role of them, according to us, is that they give and disseminate your allowance. They can even increase it or deduct from it. The last sentence makes our parents more powerful than the greatest superhero ever created. Hehehe!

Then most of the time when you leave for college the tendency is, more often that not, will never get to go back. People do not look back. How shameful. 

We all must remember that without your parents' love and support you will never be the person you supposed to be. They may leave you but they did not. Some might be away but they will all go back, I am sure. So please do not forget them. Love them. Be good even when you age a century and be understanding and patient with them when they age. You we're once annoying too when you were five.

Some might be quite dysfunctional and such but one thing is for sure about parents: whatever they say, They Love You. 

They will always understand you 
They LOVE you

So Love Them back...

Remember that! 

*Happy Birthday Lolo! Namimiss ko na po kayo... =D


What I Have Wrote

What I Think of Love, As of the Moment

“The four letter lie.”

The above statement is what I have read on a friend’s Facebook wall. I think she is into heartbreak or she is just playing melodramatic.

If there is one constant thing that Love is good at, it is making people feel hopeful and disappointing them.

Just take a look at the people who gets dumped and goes out of  love and break up every day.

See, I have never been into one complicated or uncomplicated relationship with anyone or maybe that is what I think. But if my memory serves me right, I have never been into one. How poor and unlucky me (haha!). The thing is I am not fond of looking for one, unlike everybody; I really do not get the point of looking for it. They once told me that normal people look for it. I am weird then?

All I see is  people breaking up. They’ll both cry. They will seek for friends. They will “move on”, whatever that phrase means it never serve its literal meaning right and that happens all the time because they will take a step back; they often say that they will think about it. They will get back together. They will break-up again for the nth time. They will cry etc. etc. etc.. The whole thing will repeat itself then the end point will always be they will eventually get tired of each other and permanently get over it and, most of the time, have not-so-good memories with each other. So why be in it?

I think it just a complicated system of acquiring problems, as if my very own problems are not enough. I am quite the antagonist here because I am used to standing up and defending myself. I was thought not to always depend on someone and most of the time I see companionship as not a long term deal. They always come and go. At the end, there is an end, just an end. You will always be, at some point,  alone. Introvert.

But I am not dismissing the idea that it makes you feel whimsical and all butterflies and stuff that are always been written and published on some fairytales and it makes you feel kilig  and all the stuff that makes you feel good every day. I think those things will only last at the beginning when all of those things are shiny and new. What about the things that will happen in between the happiest and the saddest part? What if problems have already stricken and rocked the thing out of the relationship? Is it still all butterflies and fairytale? I am just too clueless about this that it makes me think of those things. I honestly do not know what’s next or what happens before.

It is not that I am not a believer of a lasting relationship. I have evidence that it will work. Fortunately, until now, my parents are still happily married and they just laugh the way through it every day, literally and figuratively. They compromise with each others’ differences. I personally think that that is hard to do, like how they listen to curses and shouts when an argument comes. I think I cannot handle that kind of thing.

The world is quite dysfunctional. It makes me think twice or thrice to do things. I guess I am too bothered and bombarded with lots of things right now to think clearly of love. For now, it is just another heck of  distraction.

*This was my answer on my reaction paper for the question: What is love? for my Prelims Paper for Philosophy... (oo na, bitter) =D

*this is an edited version... 

September 18 2010


Anong meron? Kailangan Tagalog?

Wala lang nag-pop lang ulit sa utak ko.
Alangan Ilokano o kaya Kapampangan?! Ang hirap naman nun di ba?! Isipin mo. Isipin mo!

People say I am not enjoying life, minsan lang daw kami maging bata. At sino namang nagsabi na hindi ako nag-eenjoy sa buhay ko? I know, medyo mareklamo nga akong tao pero sino naman ang hindi? Taklesa much?! Nagpapaliwanag lang... sorry naman... tunog away... hahahahaha! Ngiti na!

Enjoying life is very objective. There are things that are enjoyable to you but not to other people. Like shopping. When I think of shopping, walking back and forth is the first thing that comes to my mind and for me walking inside an encapsulated building full of price tags is not so fun. Another, Clubbing, that thing is congruent to drinking and smoking which I am against of. They might sound cool at this point but when you are off to your twilight years that would be equivalent to cancer. I am not health conscious and all but when you loss important and admirable people because of that thing. You will surely think again and again and again and again and again and see how they become rich and you becoming sick. Or I am just not raised that way. We are deprived of many things and it is proven that (it maybe a cliche, i do not care) you do not need all the things in the world to laugh everyday. From where I'm from kahit walang pera, masaya! Kaya, tawa lang ng tawa!

Am I contented? Hindi naman sa kuntento na ako but there are things in life that are things na hindi kailangang maging tangible para masabi mong masaya ka. Isipin mo, namatay ka ngayon. Like what I've said on one of my posts. Ilang tao na ba ang napangiti mo? Nung ngumiti na sila, sigurado ka bang hindi kaplastikan yun? That last thing you'll never know. They said na kapag mamamatay ka na may flash back daw na nagaganap. Ano kayang makikita mo sa flash back na yun? Isipin mo. Bakit nga ba ako amazed sa kamatayan? Kasi pag nandun ka na sa point na yun, literal, hindi ka na talaga babalik. 

Life is simple, we just made it complicated. Tama. Kung gusto mong mabuhay, huminga and kumain ka lang ayos na. Ang problema? Madaming proseso para makakain ka at makahinga ka ng maluwag: una, wala nang libre (asa ka pa) kaya kailangan mo ng pera. para magkapera sa mundong ibabaw kailangan mong magtrabaho para magkatrabaho kailangan mong iispend ang 17 years ng buhay mo sa pag-aaral ng pre-elementary, elementary, high school at college. Pero hindi ganun kadali yun. Marami ka pang dadaaanang assignments, projects, quizzes, quarterly minsan monthly exams, oral recitations, group reports na mukhang individual report naman talaga depende sa sipag ng groupmates mo, report cards na pasado pero sabi ng society di pwede ang pasado lang kailangan above average lagi para daw maganda ang trabaho. Tapos pag tapos ka nang mag-aral kailangan mong mag-apply ng trabaho para kumita buwan-buwan ng pera. Tapos nakahanap ka na nga ng trabaho. Sa trabaho: kailangan mong sumunod sa boss, gawin lahat in time at mag-overtime. Tapos magkakapamilya ka pa. Tapos dahil hindi enough yung kinikita mo mangingibang bansa ka pa. Tapos 'pag balik mo malaki na mga anak mo di mo man lang namalayan. Kawawa ka naman. Tapos pag retired ka na, ito ang tanong ko sa'yo: Saan napadpad ang buhay mo? 

Sabi sa nabasa ko GOD never asked us to be rich. Ni hindi nga niya sinabing magdonate ka ng milyon eh. Sabi niya kaya ka daw niya ginawa para maexperience mo kung paano mabuhay. Kung anong meron sa Earth. At hindi niya nirerefer ang mga material things sa parteng ito. Sabi rin nung nabasa ko nakakatawa daw kasi pinapapagod natin mga sarili natin para magkapera tapos yung perang naipon natin hindi rin natin naeenjoy kasi sa sobrang pagod na tayo nagkakasakit tayo and where will the money go? sa hospital or sa mga care facilities kadalasan sa gamot.

Nakakita ka na ba ng rainbow? Ang saya di ba? Mababaw? Bahala ka. Oo alam kong nagreflect lang na white na ilaw yun. Pero hindi ka ba nagtaka kung bakit kailangan pa nun kung memorize mo na lahat ng kulay sa mundo? Naisip mo na? Isipin mo pa. Eh nakakita ka na ng biglang nag-smile na bata? Oo alam kong masaya lang siya. Di ka ba napangiti rin? Alam kong wala ka na dun kung bakit nag-smile siya pero hindi naman masamang ngumiti 'pag masaya siya. Nakakita ka na ng fireflies? Para mas madali, night sky na lang na puno ng stars? Di ka ba naamaze at nang liit? Oo alam kong malalayo yun, like lightyears away. Pero ang dami nila mag-isa ka lang at ang lawak ng langit. Para ka lang nahuli ng pulis, you're surrounded! Alam ko corny. Marami pa akong alam na kababawan na nakakapagpangiti sa akin at sobrang naamaze ako. Pati nga yung pag-akyat ng daga sa kurtina nabibilib ako eh.

Mababaw lang akong tao. Sabi nila sobrang ewan ko daw mag-isip. Di kaya. Maraming pwedeng gawin para masabi mong buhay at may buhay ka. Huwag mo nga lang itutulad yung journey mo sa iba. Kasi iba-iba naman ang destinasyon nating lahat. Sa dead end na lang tayo magkikita-kitang lahat.

Kaya 'pag nandun ka na sa flashback sana masaya ka.

Live Well.
Make your life worthwhile, huwag mo silang isipin, buhay mo yan at buhay nila yun.
Respeto lang po.

May You all live well!

*grabe ang random ng post na 'to, as in sobra!

Hi Me!

When everybody went to have their tumblr, myspace and blogger (well, like what i've said i did have a blogger, i just forgot the password and i have no plans of recovering my password), i decided to sign up for soup. A very secluded blogging site. 

Deviance is not always bad. Sometimes it is just plain weird.

September 12 2010


Going Home, Family and Thinking Twisted

I just went home. Thank you long weekend! 

I read this somewhere: It's funny how children wants to grow up fast and how adults wants to go back on being a child.  True enough. Sometimes we really want to go back.

The thing is:
Children cannot understand how it is like to be here. They just see the freedom of doing things and the restrictions that are imposted on them. 
Adults are just tired of being responsible on things (that sometimes they do not really have to be responsible for "the thing", but they just feel they have to['m guilty for this accusation]) and taking care of themselves. We really do not care about those rules and restrictions anymore, WE JUST WANT TO GO BACK and BE HOME!!! (*insert noisy and annoying whining here with foot stumping on the floor) True enough, 
Freedom = TONS of Responsibility.

Well, it is just that that it is not all fun being free. You do not want to be careless when you are here and be accident prone or jail prone or someone who violates and have a long list of police record. Survival in this seemingly harmful world of reality is elusive and you have to get that thing fast. There are lots of predators here than what you think when you are still optimistic and young and in high school or somewhere for that matter. When you are with the "real world", optimism alone will not work. I am not there yet but I think this theory will become a postulate or even a law in years time. I am nearing the "survive or be killed line". (whoa!!! Ahhhhh!!!!)

What's with home that we all want to go back to? Home is where you can relax, watch TV, eat the whole fridge (because there are real food inside), eat cooked food (real home-cooked food not the one you or other people experimented on and pretend that that is the food), sleep without worrying about some burglars entering your pretend home and most important of all, have a real laugh (whole heartfelt "i am so happy" laugh a.k.a pure laugh). This things will become extinct once you are "FREE". Freedom is harsh. I know.

And Let's discuss HOME...

What i love back home is that people think. I am not saying that most of the people around me now does not think but our way of thinking back home is quite "twisted". When we ask, we really do not know or a part of it. We defend things but accepts when we are defeated and most of all, you are free to express what you think with your parents and they will incorporate or correct you when needed. The family I have is quite interactive. They will let you do what you want to do but you should think, they assume that you are old enough to know those things. The rules are already imposted and you probably know what is right and wrong (so please follow). We also get reprimanded but they are not authoritarian at all. You are free to doubt and to ask and to eat. We love eating. Isn't that obvious? hahahahaha! =D

My folks are not perfect but I love them just the way they are. They are good parents, nice parents, non-authoritarian parents, supportive parents, listening parents, (my mom patiently listens to every story that I speak off, she has this unending line ofv patience) funny parents (the list goes on...) They might be lacking somethings sometimes, but hey, that is part of life and like they say: no one is perfect and no one needs to be one. Uniqueness lies in the imperfections of people. I Love My Parents.

Off to the Twisted One...

Thinking twisted. What does twisted really means? I is thinking abnormally? I hate normality. That why things do not take-off most of the time, we are not the same but we force each things to be alike in more than one way which is not right (in my point of view). We should acknowledge the things that people think of. Please do not think of yourself as the "superior thinker of this planet". There are a lot of great ideas that comes out everyday. We could use these ideas, doubt them, correct them and help them improve. That way there would be no wasted things if we think of those things differently, maybe they won't work for a certain category but they will fit in another. Everything has its place in this world, right?! That way the world would suck less, somehow. I hate when they reject on things that are worth a second thought. 

(Discrimination is off the topic so I won't push. =D)

And yeah, Expressing your ideas is never a crime!
So keep on thinking weird and let's all be twisted!

*three topics in one entry... they came like a patch work so i might as well bind them in a single entry to avoid popping my ideas =D 

September 06 2010

i can't believe that i am reading this thing without dozing off...
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